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New Planet of Costreine by nsam85 New Planet of Costreine by nsam85
This a new planet that lies in a solar system like our own. This planet is around 10% smaller than earth. Around 40% is land and 60% is water.There are 7 continents, 2 deserts, 2 ice mass, 3 major wetlands, 4 meteor craters, and 3 oceans. This planet is a bit bigger than Mars but is slightly smaller than Venus.Like earth, this planet core is molten and plate tectonics. The way the continents were before what you see on this map was a lot less water and larger continents. There were quite a few deserts and was less mountainous. The current stage its in is a pretty calm age. There are less active volcanoes, stable weather, and less earthquakes. It would be a good time to exist as a dominant species to take control of the ample resources available. Sadly, this is just a brief calm before a storm. The land masses will slowly come closer together, cut off ocean currents, earthquakes wake volcanoes, and weather will fluctuate dramatically, but not so much as to prevent species from evolving and prospering. Towards the climax of the chaos a super volcano will blow that sits in the islands on the far southwest of the map. By that time the continent directly to the east will have moved further east by northeast , meaning the huge amounts of ash won't fall directly on any continent, but will cause sunlight to reflect off the clouds and a large ice age will commence.

I plan on making a map of the way this planet looked before the way you see it now, and then another one to show what it will look like during the time of chaos.
Gotagetoing Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013  Student General Artist
Id't be cool if the deserts were bigger, and mountains doesn't always have snow on top of them, that only happens in arctic climates or if they're really tall, as far as I know.
nsam85 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013
i make these maps with actual satellite photos and rearrange them to find the terrain of the land it is to represent, it was hard to find good mountain outlines without the snow or else i would agree with you and would have put mountains with no snow.  This planet is a bit smaller than earth and I like ours, it has tectonic plates and it just so happens that the point in time this map represents there isn't a lot of dry weather areas. In the previous plate cycle, the way the planet looked like before this, there was a lot of deserts.  In the stage its' in at the moment its a pretty calm planet with no big changes, after this stage it will go into a rather mini ice age. 
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August 4, 2013
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